Tuesday Mar 6 '12Keeping Drupal Secure Infographic

Keeping Drupal Secure Infographic

If you've ever wondered how the security of Drupal's core software and contributed modules is regulated, it might be interesting to check out this info-graphic as well as the Drupal Security Report - a downloadable white-paper.

Wednesday Feb 29 '12What is Drupal? Watch this Video!

With the help of the Drupal Association, UK-based Drupal consultant Steve Purkiss commissioned a short film to be created explaining a little bit about how the community working with Drupal makes it attractive.

We totally concur with the message - since having worked with Drupal now for about 5-6 years, it has become our preferred platform for developing web solutions and with it, we've built all sorts of web sites and applications (check out our client projects and incubator.)

*The video in this post was shot at the 2011 Brighton Digital Festival as part of a Drupal Discovery Day organized by Steve Purkiss was produced by Larchmont Films.

Thursday Dec 22 '11Multiple File Upload Field with Drupal 7

Transitioning over to using Drupal 7 has been very frustrating these past few months - after the lengthy process of encouraging the Drupal Community to help updating core to reflect some user interface improvements over Drupal 6, that energy for making processes simpler hasn't seemed to carry through to contributed modules. 

Particularly, all the CCK advancement for media handling through fields that had happened with Drupal 5 and then 6 seems to have been thrown out the window with the horridly infantile state of the Media Module, which is reason enough to hold off on upgrading and stick with Drupal 6 for a few more months... yes, while the core team races to plan for Drupal 9's life-changing improvements, I would still recommend making things work well using Drupal 6, a proven platform.

Still, you may be inclined to use Drupal 7 and then start pulling your hair out when you realize that the Media Gallery module doesn't really work well (lock in to 1 type of lightbox etc...) and yearn for old CCK methods for using imagefields which can handle multiple files being uploaded at once via flash or AJAX using contrib modules, of which there are many options these days...

Fear not - there is an experimental approach that works and is currently being developed further using Plupload which is being lead by vingborg called Mupload - I recommend checking it out and using that cash stored in the toupe fund for something else.


Tuesday Nov 15 '11designguru.tv Episode 9 - Mark Surman from the Mozilla Foundation

Mark Surman is in the business of connecting things: people, ideas, everything. A community technology activist for almost 20 years, Mark is currently the executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, with a focus on inventing new ways to promote openness and opportunity on the Internet.

The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation and participation on the Internet.

Mozilla is best known for their Firefox browser, but they also incubate other software projects, grants and engagement efforts such as Mozilla Drumbeat.

In this episode Design Guru Principal sits down with Mark to hear how he got involved with the Web and has worked to promote openness and inclusiveness before and during the past 2+ years he's been the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation.


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Friday Sep 23 '11Google's East African effort to provide websites for businesses

See video

Amazing developments are occurring in LDCs these days - access to the Internet is at an all-time international high and its fascinating to watch the rate of adoption increase exponentially as more devices use the Net better and are available cheaply.  This past year alone the Arab Spring movements in the Middle East and Northern Africa have demonstrated that the barriers to entry for using web services like Twitter and Facebook are lowering and that there is massive potential for multi-lateral communication today in areas of the world considered 'remote' (from the Western World?) just a few years ago.

The video in this post is for a project at kbo.co.ke launched last week in Kenya at the GKenya2.0 event which looked at the the future of the country's digital marketing arena.  The 'Getting Kenyan Business Online' project is basically a tool akin to our own introduction.io service (albeit feature-bloated and more for creating a conventional full-fleshed website) and Google's plan is to leverage partnerships with people like Safaricom - the largest East African mobile provider, to kick start the web economy of Kenya - which is very interesting.

My own experience in Kenya with the Web goes back to 1995 when I was one of the first 1000 people in the country logging-on, and though hurdles such as power outages set-back the Net's overall adoption in the region through the 1990s and early 2000's, things are changing in Kenya very quickly - recently back-bone connectivity became possible through sub-marine connections to Asia and Europe and mobile operators have introduced affordable data rates whilst ensuring reliable network connectivity.

Thursday Feb 3 '11Studio Scene: Chalkboard & Lights

Chalkboard and Lights; designguru.org studio

*Taken this morning before chalking up the wall with plans for our new monthly social event launching this March (stay tuned; full details will be posted here next week.)

Monday Jan 31 '11designguru.tv Episode 7 - Sequentia Environics

Design Guru Principal Qasim Virjee sits down with two members of staff in the Community Team at this Toronto-based firm which services mid-to-large size companies, helping them communicate better with communities.

In the video, Peter Flaschner and Ujwal Arkalgud discuss the work they do, describing their personal backgrounds and motivation for engaging in this kind of work, plus ruminate on their perceptions of human relations through digital media online - finishing with a few expectations of phenomena to come.

Ref: http://www.sequentiaenvironics.com

Tuesday Nov 23 '10designguru.tv Episode 6 - Gamercamp 2010

In this video, Design Guru Principal Qasim Virjee chats with Jaime Woo - Design Guru Associate & one of the co-founders of Gamercamp, to hear about the annual video-game conference's history plus this year's events and future developments.


Monday Jul 19 '10JUMA's Spring-Summer 2010 Launch Video

See video

This video got cut and released a little while back to announce our friends at JUMA's Spring-Summer 2010 collection's launch. Inspired by our May 2010 Studio Series podcast episode, JUMA chose to soundtrack the video with Neon Indian's excellent 'Summer Heat.'

I really enjoy how rough the video is - right from the over-exposed footage to the use of pause-motion overlays and quick scene-cuts.

Wednesday Jul 14 '10Using Imagecache to provide a hover state image (preview)

Often cases it can be useful to display a larger version of an image to the site user when they hover their mouse over a thumbnail on your site (a simpler interface than the magnification idea I've blogged about). 

There is a ton of javascript floating around out there on the Web which you can use to do this but I've just come across a cool drupal module (Hover Preview for Imagecache) that integrates cleanly with imagecache; allowing you to choose a hover relationship between any two imagecache presets on node field displays as well as in Views!

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