Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu

An elegant online expression of indentity for Rosemarie Umetsu - a Toronto based coutourier who's aesthetic is reflecive of her background as a classically trained pianist.

Using the Drupal framework, we were able to craft a single user interface for people coming to the site as well as Atelier staff who would be responsible for site updates and edits.  This helps to bridge conventional gaps between content producer and 'viewer.'

When a site administrator logs in they are presented with a simple menu of options for contributing to the site - they can jump in and add new content by simply filling in the appropriate form, with media attachments when needed, or click through to a panel displaying all content published on the site (to make edits etc...)

Image handling on the site is done by the system - so staff simply have to attach images to their posts and the site automatically will size/crop them accordingly - which ensures aesthetic congruity as well as unique identity to each site section - from the frontpage slideshow, to the gallery and press section (where we have a larger cover shot presented aside smaller in-page images.)

The site's gallery is an entirely custom creation which stitches together images in a pop-up/lightbox and features a very easy to use top-located horizontal navigation bar.  All pages are dynamically referenced to the 'Gallery' menu - which stays highlighted to aide in way-finding throughout the gallery viewing experience.

We also integrated a custom audio player to the site so that the Atelier can attribute sound to the images displayed on the frontpage in a slideshow.  Music auto-plays, displaying the track name and play position when the page is loaded. 

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