Charlex is a NYC-based creative agency that produces world-class motion graphics.

For years Charlex had used a flash website to feature small quicktime video clips showcasing their custom motion graphics work.  The old site did not reflect their best abilities or open their identity to the general public, let alone search engines.

We used Drupal to create a very easy to update website which allows Charlex to instantly flag content to feature in a large front-page slideshow.  They can now also add detailed information about their client projects and annotate any project post with additional imagery and video to create a case-study on-the-fly.

To better showcase the wealth of Charlex's motion graphics, we made the site accept URLs of 3rd-party-stored HD video and automatically embed and display them to our widescreen-format template convention.  Projects can be tagged by type and are displayed dynamically when a tag is clicked on during full-project-view.

Instead of a conventional blog approach to publishing news each post is engagingly displayed on the news landing page as an automatically-scaled/cropped image with lead-in copy and they are collectively stacked into a table layout 3 columns wide.

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