Charlex Intranet

A custom intranet website for this NYC-based creative agency to share production rounds of still and video assets with their project associates.

For each project Charlex works on, a variety of stakeholders may need to be clued into the direction they are taking with still and video assets.  In order to relate that to them, they needed a single site to create virtual project spaces which could each be accessed only by the stakeholders involved in that particular project.

We used Drupal's innately robust permissions system in cahoots with a suite of tools to allow creation of groups who's landing page was the project itself - dynamically listing content attributed to it.  User accounts can be created and attributed to any project on the site so that regular clients and other stakeholders can work virtually with Charlex on multiple concurrant projects.

Ease of use for both Charlex and project stakeholders was paramount - we employed features like an javascript/ajax progress meter when media assets are uploaded and made the site automatically create appropriate embed code to play Quicktime movie files, for example, in pop-up lightboxes.

To make site management simpler, we also created custom dynamic displays of projects and media on-site so that admins can quickly overview site activity and jump into particular projects or posts to review or make changes/additions as needed.

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