Express Scripts Canada

This project entailed building a bilingual website for the Canadian operations of this American health services company.

We developed this site for our project partners at Design Lab here in Toronto to enable their client, Express Scripts Canada, to easily manage content in both English and French.

As most of the copy on the site was corporate in editorial style, it needed to co-exist in each language, so we implemented a language versioning system which uses English as the base language and allows for French versions to be made of the English (thereby maintaining navigational coherency - a user can be looking at a page or dynamic list, tap the 'Francais' button and be shown a translated version of whatever they were working on) or as independent posts existing only on the French 'side of the site.'

Employing AJAX tools to streamline user interface, the site was outfitted with growl-style popup messaging and hover-state help tips throughout the various forms admins use to manage content - making it easier for them to find help when they need it.

As Express Scripts publishes news regularily to Canada newswire, we automated the process of content ingestion to the website for Press Releases - setting the site to look at the news-feed for new posts at regular intervals and parse them into posts within the Content Management System, versioned by language automatically.

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