This web-based Video-on-Demand service is the world's premier central source for Indian Cinema.  The main website offers members an extremely intuitive interface to make watching films online enjoyable and easy.

This new Video-on-Demand service was born out of a need to create a central place to watch Indian Cinema online.  After an exhaustive study of the various web-based VoD services out there, we designed the public and logged-in interfaces to make exploring and discovering films fun and easy.

A main goal with the site is to relate the depth of Indian Cinema - we wanted to show the public what Getfilmi has to offer before they sign up so that they are excited about becoming a member, and to do that we essentially left the whole site available to the public except the videos themselves.  As soon as someone signs up an email is sent to them to verify their details and then they can log in and immediately view the video content throughout the site.

Being that the content base will include films dating back a period of over 70 years from a large country with many languages we built the system with flexibility in mind; films are tagged with language, cast & crew member names and genre upon ingestion into the CMS we built. 

The overall navigation is per-genre and then once people are viewing a film they are offered a dynamic list of the cast & crew - each person's name is click-able, and linked to a dynamic listing of all films on Getfilmi which that person worked on - so its very easy to watch more of the actors you like, for example... To this end we also included a simple algorithm to display a dynamic list of films similar to whatever one the user is looking at.

The search function of the site also features optional filtering by language (Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Gujurati, Bengali and others are included) and this filter display can be turned on/off simply by clicking into the search field.

Through our research we found that its extremely frustrating to members of other VoD services, like Netflix, to not be able to keep track of interesting films they wanted to watch but didn't immediately have time for - so we included a virtual 'Film Shelf' in Getfilmi.  Members can click a simple javascript toggle on whatever film they would like to shelve and the system automatically includes it in a central location called the 'Film Shelf.'  If they've watched a film, or otherwise want to take it off the shelf, the same toggle can remove the film from the shelf.

We've had a lot of experience in the past building custom intranets for media firms to keep track of internally developed video content (e.g. Charlex), as well as public-facing sites which let users upload videos to share with on-site communities (e.g. Directors of Change) but this was the first true-and-true Video-on-Demand service focused on a specific type of film and its been exciting to explore how best to relate the uniqueness of Getfilmi's content and look forward to working on this project as it evolves post-launch.

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