GetFilmi Mobile Web App

This mobile website automatically loads upon server detection of a mobile client, works cross-device and is powered by the same central content management system running

GetFilmi is the world's premier video-on-demand streaming service for Indian Cinema.  We built their main publishing infrastructure to power and offer its content to additional web interfaces and external/native-OS applications.

To increase accessibility, we setup the main site to redirect users to the mobile website (virtually located on a sub-domain) such that the server automatically detects the client browser and issues a redirect.  This offers a seamless experience for mobile users in that they don't know that they need to visit a separate URL to see the mobile website.

In order to make content management simple, whilst offering flexibility to administrative staff, the main CMS houses film content - which by default is shown to both sites but can be restricted at the click of a button; so the entire mobile website is managed from within the main website's publishing interface.

Based on the main website's color palette and image treatment (thin dark border with shadowing etc...) we designed a unique interface for the mobile website.  Using common navigational themes from iOs devices such as the iPhone, way-finding leads members through the site whilst offering them links back to origination and landing sections.  This design was then developed into a bespoke theme for the CMS using the JQuery Mobile framework to improve interactive elements.

Mirroring core functions of the main site, GetFilmi members must login to the mobile web app to watch films (displayed with HTML5 embeds), add or remove them from their 'shelf' (a bookmarking feature), rate and leave comments/reviews.

Additionally, the mobile website has been prepared for Apple/iOs devices using mobile meta-tagging to create automatic site icons and a splash screen (with plain and retina-display imagery) to display on a device when the site is bookmarked and added to the desktop/dashboard.

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