We helped this cross-continental digital music magazine and record label define a visual identity and web presence which made multi-media publishing a breeze plus integrated social networking tools.

Our mission was to create a visual identity and web presence for this digital music magazine which accurately reflected their mandate of championing pioneering sounds from around the planet.

In attempts to establish Globetronica as an eminent publication focused on the world's new sounds, we crafted a logo from three main elements; a sphere to represent the globe itself, a crest to represent authority and fairness and the letter 'G' to imply the brand-name.

The website's color palate was defined from earth-tones to create a warm aesthetic  using a textured and processed world map in the background layered by semi-transparencies containing content to imbue grounding.

Built using the Drupal framework, this site comprises of several content types including pages, articles and reviews - mainly made up of copy and embedded images (which the site automatically sizes, crops and overlays depending on specific settings for dynamic listings), video (which is automatically pulled via a simple URL from youtube and then automatically embedded according to sizing conventions) and audio (which automatically pull in from Soundcloud using a custom HTML5 audio player displaying artwork and tracks with a waveform and play-bar).

In addition to regular posts with embedded media, we defined a custom content type for Globetronica's Broadcast series - essentially content managers can fill out a description and track-listing for a 'broadcast' and then annotate the post with cover art and an audio file upload; all of which get displayed in play-able format on the site as well as wrapped into an XML file pushed to iTunes as a podcast feed for subscription/syndication.

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