the JC Report

The JC Report is an insider's guide to the world's rapidly evolving fashion and style markets, crafted daily by style experts in fashion capitals around the world.

From 2002 until the end of 2007 the JC Report was an email newsletter part-owned by NYC-based Flavorpill Publications.  The newsletter was sent out to just over 40,000 subscribers twice per month.

For 2008, the JC Report officially left Flavorpill and sought to not only increase the frequency of email newsletter issues to weekly but also launch a new dynamic website that would grow in time to support the fashion community at large and develop an online space for that community centred around the JC Report brand.

Previously, the JC Report's web presence comprised of a static-html archive of their back-issue emails.  We decided to create a whole new site in Drupal that would let site contributors around the world all login and post pieces, as well as have editors log in to review the posts before adding necessary imagery etc and publishing live-to-site.

Our goals were manifold with this project; particularily, we wanted to build a simple site that easily allows people to navigate through the huge back-log of content from previous email newsletters as well as register on the site and interact with other readers.

We built two levels of blogs on the site - one powering their day-to-day publishing plus a second private-posting area just for the publication's namesake, Jason Campbell - to be called 'Jason's Dispatches.'

This project entailed various stages of re-design and development, along with overall online marketing strategy for a period of 2 years until 2010.

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