JUMA [2010]

The second iteration of a bespoke web presence for this global women's fashion brand.

Our relationship with JUMA is a few years strong.  In 2007 we used Joomla to create a website that allowed the label to sell their clothing on the same site that featured their collection.  For the first time, they started really engaging customers online.

Over the past few years, JUMA's online sales have become an ever-increasing proportion of their business and at the same time, we've worked with them to develop strategies for engaging current and potential customers through more personally relating the inspiration behind their brand using online social tools both on and off-site.

To better serve JUMA's commitment to using online space for expressing their creativity whilst doing business in December 2009 we undertook a large project that included creating a new website which would act as a platform for their online activities/alliances and offer a more integrated approach to presenting visitors with information. 

The new design was inspired by the JUMA line's ease of layering when composing ensembles; we used the 3rd dimension layering content atop transparencies atop animated photography.  The navigation conventions established in their 2007 site were maintained but developed to offer AJAX/quick-loading paginated displays that help the left-side menu stay light.

Overall, our plan was to let JUMA express themselves online more naturally - which translated into a web presence that was fun to interact with for both JUMA's staff and larger community/audience. 

Interesting notes:

  • The site features interactive galleries with embedded and pop-up slideshows for blog posts, products for sale and elsewhere,
  • Various audiences can now be presented specific information upon login for example, press can login to obtain exclusive downloads detailing upcoming products and events,
  • Garments showcased in their collection pages are innately related/linked to products in their online shop automatically when those garments are on offer.
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