KIA Motors - What is Innovation?

Working with Flavorpill (NYC) on a promotional project to launch Kia's new 'Soul' model of car in North America, we designed and built this website with a pure focus on simple user-generated content.

The site allows anyone to post content to the site without being logged in.  To safeguard it from spam bots we implemented recaptcha on all content submission forms.  This was actually one of the first sites of its kind we've seen - where user registration is optional and pretty much just provides people the benefit of keeping track of their posts [via a profile page which they can enter in brief info about themselves & auto-display a gravatar].

To streamline both navigation and auto-editorialisation the site comprises of 4 content types [videos, images, words, links]; which all have their own blog-view [chronologically ordered vertical listing] linked to in the top navigation.  The site's front page is a combined blog-view of all content displaying the latest first.

Again with the aim of keeping everything as simple as possible, the site accepts videos via a single field where users can enter a video's URL or unique ID - from any of the major 3rd party video hosting sites (eg. Youtube, Vimeo, Brightcove etc...).The site automatically embeds the video into a unique content item and then displays it with preset, uniform dimensions.

Images which are uploaded to the site automatically resize - with a large version opening in a light-box when users click on smaller images (all sized with the same width to ensure aesthetic uniformity) from the full-view of a post. In blog view, the images link to the post's full view.

Users can also opt to login via OpenID.

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