Liberal Party of Ontario: The 2010 Collingwood Conference

For this weekend conference focusing on the near future for the province's economy, the Liberal Party of Ontario needed a dynamic bi-lingual site that could facilitate live multi-media communication whilst being tied into social networks.

At its core, this event website had two main functions - 1. to relate scheduling information to participants and audiences over the web and 2. to encourage communication about the event through embedded media and social networking tools. We built the site as a custom web application using the Drupal framework. Drupal afforded us rapid flexibility to create dynamic content types that could work with 3rd party media sources and do neat things like flip an embed area from live/streaming video to an archived video hosted through Vimeo. As well, with dynamic views, we were able to custom create a calendaring system to handle the session listings and automatically display upcoming sessions per day/time-slot next to related session pages - immediately offering site visitors an engaging experience where watching one live session and then choosing which one they wanted to see next was a breeze. All content on the site is relational - meaning that a speaker bio page would automatically be hyper-linked to the page detailing when that speaker would be presenting a session. Also, this enabled us to create dynamic lists of speakers and video archives of their sessions. All content featured social networking icons to easily allow speaker bios or session video with their communities on networks/platforms like Facebook and Google. As well, we worked with Scribblelive to create custom micro-blogging channels to be embedded site-wide alongside video content so that attendees could discuss what they were watching and have that dialogue interact with the larger twitter community etc... * This project entailed Information Architecture planning plus development for the site, we did not create its aesthetic.

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