Mobile Jam Fest

MJF is an international youth creativity competition for ages 14-29. Youth battle against other artists from around the world through a series of creative contests. These contests are in the areas of film, fashion, photography and music. The MJF mission is to promote values and action through creativity, education and social awareness.

(* Developed in partnership with Culture Creatives & Company)

Just 1 year old, this site was in dire need of a redesign - both aesthetically and in terms of user interface. When we took the project on, it had been built using Drupal but with a number of unnecessary hacks and overrides and was extremely difficult for users to navigate. Our job in this first stage of redevelopment was to create and implement a brand new look for Mobile Jam Fest - drawing on its logo's simple grey, white and green colors. In addition, we undertook the task of cleaning up the Drupal installation; optimizing it for quicker load times, reorganizing the navigation and content flow (with new Views, Panels and even content types). As the site's main purpose is to let people sign up, fill in profiles and upload media (photos, video and music clips) to be judged for competitions, we had to make the UI intuitive and engaging - one way we achieved this is by focusing on making the site's community more accessible to users than in the previous implementation. This new version of has seen a more rapid growth in membership on the site as well as submissions to its online competitions through successful way-finding means; using conventional menus as well as lead-in copy on new landing pages per color-coded site topic, site-wide competition entrance buttons and more.

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