The Ontario Nonprofit Network

The Ontario Nonprofit Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations operating across the breadth of the sector, including arts organizations, social service organizations, environmental organizations, community health agencies, international service organizations, social economy organizations and others. Their intent is to include in the network the nonprofit and charitable organizations working for the public good in Ontario.

This project was quite interesting as the Network is a brand new organization that is trying to bridge communicative gaps between a very diverse group of 1,000s of non-profit organizations around the province of Ontario. Built in Drupal, this site allows administrative members of the Network to login and directly edit/add content - such as 'pages,' event listings and additional downloadable resources; all through the same front-end interface. Changes to the site are made as easily as logging in, pressing 'edit,' entering information through a WYSIWYG editor (looks like a scaled-down version of Microsoft Word) and then saving immediately to the live site. In crafting the aesthetic of the site, we tried to use open space and natural colors/tones to achieve a simple interface that felt comfortable to peruse. At launch, the site will be used to relate the Network's identity, post events and resources - such as downloadable PDF documents, blog and invite subscriptions to an email list. Drupal as a platform affords the Network with modular scalability that will allow us to develop the communicative abilities of the site in time as the member base of the organization grows and multi-lateral dialogue between members becomes more regular and necessary. In time, this site may serve to represent Network members with a profiling system as well as give them the ability to extend the notion of 'Constellations' - taking common interests into group-based discussion forums, blogs etc...

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