Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

We crafted and implemented an entirely new aesthetic valuing core identity expression and clean navigation.

This project entailed creating a new aesthetic for the online community of registered nurses in Ontario, Canada.  The pre-existing intranet website was build using the Drupal Open Atrium package so our design task was to work from the core Open Atrium Drupal theme - fixing the site width/dimensions for improved cross-platform and implementing better typographical hierarchy and general spacing.

The new design drew on colors used by RNAO in print materials.  Without an exisiting branding guideline for digital media, we had freedom to select site colors etc.  Within the structural constraints we wanted the design to make using the community site fun - so we used light hues of aqua which are a little more blue than used on RNAO's printed materials and well suited to transparency, which we used on the main menu drop-downs.

In addition to adding the Organization's logo to the site, we added a photographical header image which is made up of images curated by RNAO and taken of their actual members who are using the site on a regular basis.

Regarding implementation - we crafted a sub-theme to the core Open Atrium Gingko theme for Drupal.  The sub-theme allows for backwards-compatibility and overrides main-theme styling/CSS - so that it can be wholly, or in-part retro-graded should RNAO want to revert styles we've created.

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