Social Workout

A community-focused website for urban individuals with active lifestyles, based in NYC.

Asides from brainstorming on their business model and how Drupal can be used best within it, we rolled up our sleeves to analyse their existing CMS implementation and then do some redesign work and feature advancements.

Part of our work with Social Workout entailed redesigning and developing a community landing page - this area is now dynamic and tabbed/layered to present pertinant information to their community which reflects the high frequency and depth of new posts.

Another large piece of this project involved rethinking, designing and developing a group page called 'Eat. Sweat. Blog.' for a promotion Social Workout ran through October 2009 in co-operation with high-end grocer Whole Foods.This page is dynamic and lists new posts pertinent to the promotional site-member group as well as relational content which participants interact with.

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