Solid LA

Solid is a self-titled 'creative concept company' based in California, USA.

We build Solid an easy-to-update site which reflects their creative values and features bespoke integrated social networking tools.

The years of experience and cutting-edge body of work Solid has under its belt had never been expressed in a website representing their firm before. We were tasked with creating a platform for that expression which would be easy to update and relate the identities and interests of their creative team.

The solution we developed is a unique site heavily focused on delivering embedded HD video. The site allows Solid to detail projects they've worked on with plain copy and multi-media annotation - creating interactive pages for each on-the-fly, showcasing images and videos in their own embedded interfaces.

In attempts to relate the team members' relationships to project work, creatives at Solid can easily bookmark projects they worked on or favor which then automatically display on their individual bio page.

The site differentiates between News and Blog posts through a combined interface available in the main menu, parsing certain types of media out of that display as a way-finding device to entice more interaction with engaging blog posts than smaller, mainly-copy, News posts.

The site has also been built to allow a private-access project management suite of tools to be available through a single login to general site admins/staff and stakeholders involved in Solid client projects.

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