A streamlined web interface for Souktel, who design & deliver mobile phone services that link people with jobs and connect aid agencies with communities who need help.

Souktel had already developed their new website using the Joomla Content Management System when they came to us to help them finish the task. Their site was developed internally by a staff member who wasn't very familiar with Joomla so we took up the challenge of improving its usability for both administrators and the general viewing public.

This task involved applying design principals to the inherited site aesthetic - regularizing the typography and overall spacing of graphic elements, plus redesigning the effects used to highlight important notes within articles and so on.

Another aim in this project was to make it easier for Souktel staff to add/edit content on the site from the front-end, without knowledge of code or Joomla's architecture. For this, we brought administrative tools to the front end and re-organized content structures to make it very easy to edit each page, even though they may now have embedded dynamic displays (such as the tabbed 'How it Works' walk-through imagery on service detail pages - ref: Aidlink).

Overall we're very happy with the simple work we did and believe that it helped reflect this great Organization's commitment to using simple, accessible technology to improve people's lives.

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