What We Do

Applying design thinking, we help communities flourish online.

Our work involves conducting observational and stakeholder analysis, creating brands and user interfaces for them, plus setting up suites of open source software and coding where needed.

Our Services:

Though not exhaustive, the following list relates some core competencies we bring to our work:

Project Ideation
  • Information Gathering.
  • Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Product Strategy.
  • Competitive Analysis.

User Interface Design

  • Illustration/Icon Design.
  • Web (integrated design for all stakeholders - from anonymous users to administration, providing cohesive experiences with contextual interfacing.)
  • Mobile (for web apps as well as native-OS apps.)

User Interface Testing

  • Custom testing methodology & use-case definition.
  • Observational analysis (controlled environment testing.)
  • Reporting analysis.

Employing community tools

  • Chat/Messaging platforms.
  • WebRTC based Video conferencing solutions.
  • Intranets.
  • Forums.
  • Private file sharing/document storage services.

Web Application Development

  • Prototyping (proof-of-concept interactive apps - from hand-coded HTML/Javascript to database-driven applications.)
  • CMS-driven publishing solutions (using Open Source software including Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla.)
  • Custom software (with all sorts of frameworks, languages and database types incl. JS/Meteor/PHP/MySQL/MongoDB)

Mobile Application Development

  • Web application prototyping and development (using HTML5 with javascript frameworks such as Jquery Mobile and Phone Gap to deliver cross-platform web apps.)
  • Native OS application prototyping and development (iOS & Android)